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Pull the trigger

We barely know each other but I miss the attention he gives me. And maybe I only like him because he has an attractive face and he compliments me but for now that’s enough for me. Cupid doesn’t have a bow and arrow anymore so I need him to pull the trigger.

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“He looked at me”

“He looked at me and smiled”
“He looked at me and chuckled to himself”
“He looked at me and I saw the future in his eyes”

He. Looked. At. Me. that phrase has been stuck in my head all day

And now I know why. Because he looked at me. He wasn’t my boyfriend but when he was here
he was the only person that wanted to do that. He wanted to look at me. He wanted to see me.
I haven’t had anyone really want to since.

I want someone to look at me. I want to be wanted. I want to be seen

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Nights like tonight

Nights like tonight remind me that I need a man of God. The thermostat currently reads 20 degrees and I want to be held. Tonight I know I could easily yield to temptation; because honestly I want more than just to be held. I want to feel the lips of a lover brush against my neck and steady hands on my waist. I want someone to hold me close because they care. But I have a feeling that what I want and what I need are two very different things. I need someone who wants the same things as I do. I need someone with similar ideals when it comes to sex. I see changes in my life everyday, and they only get bigger as time goes by. I see myself growing and I need someone who will grow with me. In this transitory stage of my life I want to focus on going where God leads me and any guy that comes into my life has to fit on that path and in God’s plan for me.

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