No Role Modelz….except you

I find it very Ironic that one of my biggest role models wrote and titled one of his songs “No Role Modelz” but I also feel that he meant for that to happen. J Cole has impacted (and continues to impact) an entire generation of listeners. He doesn’t sway in his beliefs, he doesn’t mind sharing his, sometimes controversial opinion. Do yall remember his “Fuck the Grammys” sign, because I do. I promise that was no publicity stunt, he doesn’t mind calling out society on our bullshit, and he acknowledges his own. He was one of the first entertainers I saw, take interest AND action in Ferguson. You know were he stands on political issues because he’ll let you know! I honestly believe that he cares about the people who listen to his music. He interacts with his fans via twitter, instagram, etc. His current Dollar and a Dream tour shows just how dedicated he is. Just this past Sunday Cole was in Dallas offering a concert for a dollar (yall don’t understand how hard I tried to find a ride to The House of Blues) because he understands the financial struggles that many of us are facing. He cares about his fans and wants to make himself accessible and I think that’s wonderful.  Yall don’t understand how much Cole has shaped my life and I think his is terribly underrated. And  although many kids out here might feel like they’re growing up with no role models they can always turn to J. Cole.

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