Royal Growing Pain

As we grow up people ask us all the time what we want to do when we get older. We are taught as early as possible the path we should take in our lives. Go to school, graduate, go to college and get a job. We’re all taught that we serve a purpose in society. We all have a function that we have to acknowledge and perform. But what about those who get left behind? What about the people who can’t quite find their niche?
In the Disney Channel movie Sky High the villian is named Royal Pain. So back in the day when she was in school Royal Pain was just seen as a nerd and an outcast come to find out she was a technopath  (stick with me i promise I’m almost to my point) but her superpower wasn’t seen as a superpower until science and technology really developed. Her purpose she was meant to serve in society didn’t really exist yet. So what happens if the function you’re meant to serve in society doesn’t exist anymore  or if it doesn’t exist yet? What are you supposed to do?

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