Nights like tonight

Nights like tonight remind me that I need a man of God. The thermostat currently reads 20 degrees and I want to be held. Tonight I know I could easily yield to temptation; because honestly I want more than just to be held. I want to feel the lips of a lover brush against my neck and steady hands on my waist. I want someone to hold me close because they care. But I have a feeling that what I want and what I need are two very different things. I need someone who wants the same things as I do. I need someone with similar ideals when it comes to sex. I see changes in my life everyday, and they only get bigger as time goes by. I see myself growing and I need someone who will grow with me. In this transitory stage of my life I want to focus on going where God leads me and any guy that comes into my life has to fit on that path and in God’s plan for me.

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One thought on “Nights like tonight

  1. And may the God in you guide you… 😉


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